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What should I wear to court?


On occasion, a judge will refuse to hear a matter because a party is not dressed properly for court.  This can result in delays, as well as the embarrassment of being reprimanded by the judge for improper dress.  In order to avoid that unfortunate situation, a good rule of thumb is to dress for court in at least a "business casual" style.  For men, this means khakis or slacks (no jeans) and a shirt with a collar (either a button down shirt or a polo type shirt, tucked in). Of course, it never hurts to wear a coat and tie, and it probably works to help your cause as it does reflect a respect for the process.  For women, a dress, conservative skirt or pantsuit is acceptable. Baseball caps, hats, t-shirts, shorts, or sandals should not be worn in the courtroom. 



Divorcing Parents of Minor Children Seminar



It is generally required that both parents in a case involving minor children (e.g. divorce, legitimation, etc.) involved must attend the divorcing parents seminar before the finalization of the court proceedings.   If you have such a case pending, it is very important that you attend the seminar and provide our office with a copy of your certificate.  For your convenience, we are providing the following seminar information for the Cherokee Judicial Circuit (i.e. Gordon County and Bartow County):


The cost of the seminar is $40.00, or $5.00 for Medicaid recipients (parent not child).  The parent's card must be presented at the time of registration.  All payments must be in cash.  Checks will not be accepted.  Registration for the seminar is held between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. on the morning of the seminar.  The seminar begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m.  No one will be admitted to the seminar after 9:00 a.m.  Children are not allowed at the seminar.  It is advised that you dress in layers, as the temprature of the room may be warmer or colder than you like.


The seminar is offered in Gordon County on one Friday per month, with the seminar being held at the Gordon County Courthouse located at 100 Wall Street in Calhoun, Georgia.  The seminr is offered in Bartow County on one Saturday per month, with the seminar being held at the Frank Moore Administrative Building located at 135 West Cherokee Avenue in Cartersville, Georgia.  The dates for 2014 offerings of the seminar are as follows:


Gordon County       


Friday, January 24

Friday, February 21

Friday, March 28

Friday, April 25 

Friday, May 30

Friday, June 27

Friday, July 25

Friday, August 29

Friday, September 26

Friday, October 24

Friday, November 21

Friday, December 19



Bartow County


Saturday, January 25

Saturday, February 22

Saturday, March 29

Saturday, April 26

Saturday, May 31

Saturday, June 28

Saturday, July 26

Saturday, August 30

Saturday, September 27

Saturday, October 25

Saturday, November 22

Saturday, December 20


Any questions regarding the seminars may be directed to the Advocates for Children's office  - 770-387-1143


Also, you may wish to take the seminar in another county if you find that it better fits your schedule.  Here is a link to the seminar information and schedule for Murray County and Whitfield County offerings: 


Whitfield and Murray Seminar Info