We can help you recover the child support owed to you

All too often, the noncustodial parent of a child or children does not pay child support as he or she has been ordered to do so. This can create a huge financial hardship for you, as the custodial parent. Further, the financial strains that come along with such a situation often make it difficult for you to hire an attorney to collect the child support owed to you. As a result, it sometimes seems that the only available option is to seek enforcement through a state agency such as Child Support Enforcement. While that is generally effective, it can be several months before your case is heard and you begin collecting the child support that is owed.



If you find yourself in this situation, we may be able to provide a better solution. In most cases, we are able to collect the child support owed to you in a much quicker and more efficient manner than is the available through state agencies. If your case meets certain criteria and the defendant can be found and served, we can often get the matter in court within two weeks of your initial appointment with us. In some cases, we can even provide these services without the payment of any attorney fees up front. (In other words, we get paid when you collect.)


If you are owed child support and would like to learn more about the service we provide. Please contact us to discuss the matter further.